Update. Touch wood.

I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote. There’s not much change in Mom’s status, which is a good thing.

She’s a Happy Camper.

She wishes me Good Morning with a huge smile.

She laughs because exercise tickles.

She sleeps when she feels like it.

TV is fun or not, it’s still watchable. 

Occasionally she spits out chewed food. 

Occasionally she thinks afternoon tea is breakfast time. At times I’m her sister.

But on the whole, it’s peace and love. Life goes on. Touch wood. 


13 thoughts on “Update. Touch wood.”

  1. That’s how it sometimes gets with my maternal grandmother too, she’d called my mother her mom from time to time, but, so long as they don’t deteriorate too quickly, no regression is a form of progression, i suppose…


  2. Thank you for liking my blog.

    I am nurse working for palliative care but at the moment I also work for dementia elderly as well.

    In my experience to take care of my parents and my grandma, also my work experience as nurse , taking care of family is sometimes very tiring mentally.. Please take care of yourself . Your smile and your happiness are your mother’s happiness too 🙂


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