Photo Challenge: Half and Half

For this week’s photo challenge here are two very different pictures to depict half and half.

The first picture is taken as the plane transitions from flying over land to the ocean near Broome on the northern coast of Australia. As it happens the sun was setting just at that moment, and so the picture also depicts half day and half night.

This second picture is of a completely different scene, of a large mountain of rock called Huashan in central China. Rolling mists in the afternoon cut off the view, and depending on your perspective, either increases or decreases your vertigo as you navigate the slopes of this rock.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

In Siem Reap, Cambodia, lies Ta Phrom, a late 12th century temple that was abandoned in the 17th century. Lara Croft (starring Angelina Jolie) was filmed here.

Left to nature, the trees gradually took over. It’s got to be seen to be believed. Spare a thought for the ancient builders who hauled the heavy stones, hacked them into shape and laid them straight. And then imagine how a few little seedlings grew into the cracks… imagine how their exploring roots extended and grew over the years, gradually enfolding the walls which had supported them.

Ta Phrom 1

Ta Phrom 2

Ta Phrom 3

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Nowadays, I find it very difficult to get up early, thanks to the late nights I keep. Holidays are different, I guess. If you go to bed when the sun sets, it’s much easier to be up early at dawn.

The following set was taken in the Gobi desert, Dunhuang. There were no clouds initially, and so the camera caught graduations of black to blue to gold, all the way down to the horizon of trees and sand.


A little cloud floated in and caught a glimpse of the sun, and then the sky glowed.


And down on the ground, the flora and fauna greeted the new day.


Posted in response to the Prompt “Early Bird”. For more interpretations, please go here.

Bit by bit

I started this blog over 3 years ago, to have some sort of record of Mom’s progression with dementia. Nonetheless, if I were to look back and read through what I’ve written, the progressive losses would not be obvious at all. Most times things change very little from day to day or from week to week. The pictures tell a different story though. Just looking at the pictures from a few years to a few months ago, and the contrast with reality today is stark.

4 years ago –

Mom is still living on her own, quite independently. She tends to overpack for her holidays, perhaps because she cannot quite remember what the weather will be like.

3 years ago –

Mom is living with me. She needs reminders to take her medication. She is over-friendly with strangers, and sometimes very fierce towards little children. Long walks start to tire her out.

2 years ago –

Mom is super observant, because she is now watching and copying what to do. At mealtimes, she copies my movements. She can still hold a conversation with some of my friends, and ask questions. She enjoys Dementia Day care. She tells me off, “I don’t like what you said just now”.

1 year ago –

She starts to be physically unwell. Climbing stairs becomes quite difficult. She starts to lose her appetite. Arguments start because she has forgotten what she did earlier in the day. Says, “Why do you ask?”

Now –

She is housebound, needs help with bathing. Eats with one utensil and one hand. Doesn’t like to go out, but smiles a lot. Says, “What to do? Life”. Frequently says, “I don’t remember already, so long ago.”

4 years ago, she was independent.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry – in Circles

A circle is symmetrical in every direction, so here’s my offering for the Weekly Photo Challenge – a circular yurt.

This Yurt is in a heritage camp in north Xinjiang, China, and it is built right on the edge of the path. Yurts are traditional dwelling places of the nomads in Central Asia, and can be easily dissembled and transported. The next picture shows the view from the inside of a yurt, with the cover slid open to reveal daylight. The spokes of the yurt ceiling are beautifully symmetrical.


Eiffel Tower Up Close

I posted a mystery photo last week, and though it mystified some of you, ParentingIsFunny got it right! That very blurry photo is a still from a video taken from the Eiffel tower lift.

Here’s a picture of the descending lift taken from the ascending lift.

Parts of the lift mechanism are visible if you look out for it.

Fascinating lines and colors when lit up.

If you like to exercise your legs, you’re welcome to take the stairs. These flights give new meaning to the term “dizzying heights”.

Seen from the bridge over the Seine, the Tower dominates the horizon.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA