Random thoughts about opening up

Just as we’ve started opening up, Covid-19 case numbers are rising, from low double digits to over 250 yesterday. But we’ll continue on this path because ICU numbers remain low and 80% of the population is already fully immunised. Booster shots for some will start soon.

I think most of us will encounter the virus some day since it is out there and even vaccinated people will get infected. To minimise the chances of getting seriously ill we should all try to minimise the exposure dose of flying virus particles. That means wearing our masks properly at all times. For this reason, I’m banning any drinking of water during my office meetings.

Yes, we will all be going back to office more regularly now that restrictions are lifted. Looking forward to working more efficiently. Not looking forward to the whole getting dressed up and commuting thing.

The opening up includes quarantine-free return from Germany. So a trip there is now a truly viable possibility. Of course one should always set aside more funds if something goes wrong. For example, one can test positive at any stage and have to be isolated/quarantined/hospitalised. That will add a couple of unplanned weeks to the holiday.

Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

An empty McDonalds

It’s been a month since my last post (5 May) where I worried things were getting worse, and they have in a way. Cases continued to grow, the airport cluster became quite significant, and there was a large shopping centre cluster. Many children were found to be infected, and they have spread it to their parents, grandparents and each other.

We were put in Phase 2 (HA) since 16 May and this stage is due to end on Sunday June 13. The restrictions were severe and it must have worked because the last three days have seen community cases come down to single digits.

Well we are just 5 days away from the scheduled end of this phase and no announcement has yet been made as to what’s next. This is no good for planning.

Can we go back to office? Now all must work from home unless absolutely necessary. Companies have been fined for not complying.

Can we have home tuition or music for children? Its school holidays now but all enrichment classes such as music lessons must be online.

Can we have have more than 2 different visitors a day at home? This is giving me issues. I’ve had to text people to say they cannot come visit on certain days when I already have others scheduled.

Will the Hong Kong flight bubble be reinstated again? This has been planned and postponed twice already, first due to rising cases in Hong Kong and this time due to rising cases in Singapore.

The problem is nobody knows if we are going to have more or fewer cases in the coming days. Also, I suspect the task force cannot yet agree and must still be debating what to do next. The recent Cabinet musical chair switcharound with noobs helming key ministries doesn’t help either.


Its been almost a year since my last trip out of Singapore. Clearing out my drawers for Chinese new year, I found a stash of foreign currencies. This is because I have a habit of keeping extra currencies after trips in the hope of another trip when I can use it! Sometimes when family or friends travel, I provide an exchange service or make a gift of spending money in these currencies.

Heres a short list of what’s in stock…

  • Hong Kong dollar coins
  • Chinese renminbi
  • Aussie dollars
  • Japan yen
  • Korean won
  • Indian rupees
  • Nepali rupee
  • Pounds Sterling
  • Euro dollar
  • US dollar
  • Malaysian ringgit

There would be a few more if I’d not given them away – Indonesian rupiah, Vietnamese dong, Israeli shekels, Thai baht.

So until my next trip or trips, or until someone i know travels, this stash stays with me.