The planes are back, maybe

Lately when I am outdoors, I’ve noticed something new – the sound of airplanes flying overhead. Until I noticed them I hadn’t even realised they’d been missing.

With the closure of borders, flights have been sharply reduced, and planes put into storage. I checked out of curiosity once and found Changi Airport had only 23 departing passenger flights over a 24-hour period. Surely there were at least 20 flights per hour in pre-covid times!

There are expectations that travel will pick up soon and perhaps airlines have scheduled more flights, and this is what I’m hearing in the skies. Or maybe more passengers are flying through Singapore on their way somewhere else.

I dream of travelling again, for leisure. If only they would lift the travel advisory against “non-essential” travel. There’s been talk of a travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong for leisure travellers but details haven’t been confirmed.

The school holidays start next month. I wonder how many people will travel when the travel advisory is lifted. Not many places to go, though. Maybe Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea… so far these remain theoretical possibilities as none have been officially approved.

Photo Challenge: Half and Half

For this week’s photo challenge here are two very different pictures to depict half and half.

The first picture is taken as the plane transitions from flying over land to the ocean near Broome on the northern coast of Australia. As it happens the sun was setting just at that moment, and so the picture also depicts half day and half night.

This second picture is of a completely different scene, of a large mountain of rock called Huashan in central China. Rolling mists in the afternoon cut off the view, and depending on your perspective, either increases or decreases your vertigo as you navigate the slopes of this rock.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

In Siem Reap, Cambodia, lies Ta Phrom, a late 12th century temple that was abandoned in the 17th century. Lara Croft (starring Angelina Jolie) was filmed here.

Left to nature, the trees gradually took over.¬†It’s got to be seen to be believed. Spare a thought for the ancient builders who hauled the heavy stones, hacked them into shape and laid them straight. And then imagine how a few little seedlings grew into the cracks… imagine how their exploring roots extended and grew over the years, gradually enfolding the walls which had supported them.

Ta Phrom 1

Ta Phrom 2

Ta Phrom 3

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