A little progress

During the Covid-19 social distancing, Mom’s activities were severely restricted and she was not able to go for dementia group activities. As those activities have been allowed to resume, she was invited back.

She’s not so happy about it though. Her whole demeanour conveys, “What’s the point?” She leaves home for those activities looking glum. But she smiles again when she’s back, cleaned and settled. So I know she’s not totally oblivious to her surroundings although she is sleeping and has her eyes closed most of the time.

She doesn’t complain, probably because she has no urge to speak or express herself, or has lost the ability to do so. But I can read her expressions and I do try to update her what’s going on. She pays attention, and sometimes she rewards me by replying with one word or three. Mostly she simply nods or shakes her head ever so slightly in response to direct questions.

I wish she could say more. She’s obviously thinking about something. We can only guess what she’s thinking.


My turn is coming,
I'm old enough.
I've had to wait.

First the health care workers
In hospitals, clinics and care homes,
Then the airline staff and maritime workers.

Bus drivers and taxi drivers next,
And the police and immigration and customs people,
Otherwise also known as the Home Team,
And the soldiers.

I forgot to mention
The folks in residential homes
And prisons.
Then the really old, above 70.
One had a heart attack afterwards,
Hope he's well now.

The lorry drivers crossing borders
To bring us fruit and veg
Will take their jabs
Before driving back.

School teachers are next
To protect the students,
Too young for vaccines now.

Then the next oldest,
The above 60s.
And then finally
The middle aged.
Now I'm in line.

Opening Up

Sakura theme display at Gardens by the Bay, nice and not crowded.

With the low number of Covid cases in the community, Singapore is gradually opening up. I have mixed feelings about this.

It’s getting more crowded on the roads as more are going to work, so no more smooth speedy journeys through deserted roads. One must aside more time for traveling or be late.

Mask discipline is falling and fewer people are properly masked. It always irks me when their masks are off and they are carrying on loud conversations… near me.

Is it possible to get so used to social distancing that “going back to normal” brings anxiety?

April 5 is the day – WFH or work from home will no longer be the default, and more people can go back to work in offices. Larger gatherings will be allowed at work, weddings, concerts, funerals.

I look forward to more live music performances, because these can be enjoyed with masks on and nobody talking! Currently, tickets are few and quickly sold out as the number of attendees is severely restricted.

Until then, perhaps I should try to fit in more visits to tourist attractions that are normally too crowded but now a pleasure to visit with crowd controls.