Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

Here’s a most interesting display in the Museum of Sydney showing historical trade items that were shipped into the port. In those long ago days, how exotic these goods must have been!

The grid display was really eye-catching, but it was difficult to get a nice square-on picture due to its curvature.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic (2)

I don’t normally post 2 photo challenges in a week, but thought this photo fits the theme very well, being green on green on green.

Not my garden though, but a public rooftop space. I’m looking forward to more rooftops like this one!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic (1)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

Have you ever wondered about the kinship between humans and animals, and how we can be startlingly similar?

These pictures aren’t of a very high quality, but they speak to me of how we are “connected”. Humans and Gorillas. Mothers and babies. It was really amazing how maternal the gorilla mom was.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Run

In a bid to improve my fitness last year, I signed up for a 10k run through downtown Singapore. Starting at dawn, I ran and walked through some of the best known landmarks – the F1 Pit stop building, the Singapore Flyer, the Helical bridge and Marina Bay Sands. The run ended at the new National Stadium, which had a mechanical canopy that can be opened and shut at will.

The pictures are not of a great quality, taken with a hand-phone literally “on the run”, but it was a good start to the day. For more photo interpretations of this week’s photo challenge, please click here “Today was a Good Day”.

20140928_065611 20140928_070059 20140928_071307 20140928_072254 20140928_072304 20140928_073007 20140928_082631

Photo Challenge: Half and Half

For this week’s photo challenge here are two very different pictures to depict half and half.

The first picture is taken as the plane transitions from flying over land to the ocean near Broome on the northern coast of Australia. As it happens the sun was setting just at that moment, and so the picture also depicts half day and half night.

This second picture is of a completely different scene, of a large mountain of rock called Huashan in central China. Rolling mists in the afternoon cut off the view, and depending on your perspective, either increases or decreases your vertigo as you navigate the slopes of this rock.

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