Gallus gallus

I heard an unfamiliar sound-

The crowing of a cockerel. 

Because bird flu

Keeping chickens is illegal. 

And then I saw it was no tame bird

But a wild junglefowl, crossing the road. 



A Day at Macritchie Reservoir nature reserve 

Located in the centre of Singapore island, this nature reserve is a peaceful haven most of the time. Occasionally it does get more activity, nonetheless it’s a good spot for a meditative walk. Here are some sights from a recent walk.

The macaques move in and “own” the boardwalk. I don’t trust them and clutch my stuff tightly.
Leaves and reflections.
A boardwalk brings the trail closer to the reservoir shore.
Kayakers going up and down in their lanes.
Kayaks arrayed out.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

In Siem Reap, Cambodia, lies Ta Phrom, a late 12th century temple that was abandoned in the 17th century. Lara Croft (starring Angelina Jolie) was filmed here.

Left to nature, the trees gradually took over. It’s got to be seen to be believed. Spare a thought for the ancient builders who hauled the heavy stones, hacked them into shape and laid them straight. And then imagine how a few little seedlings grew into the cracks… imagine how their exploring roots extended and grew over the years, gradually enfolding the walls which had supported them.

Ta Phrom 1

Ta Phrom 2

Ta Phrom 3

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Singapore is really fortunate where the forces of nature are concerned – there are very few natural calamities. No earthquakes, tornadoes nor hurricanes. Rising sea levels will get us, but that is for the young to worry about. Every now and then though, we get extremely heavy rains – have you heard the phrase “raining cats and dogs”? It feels as though buckets of water are raining down. The picture below shows far more dramatic skies than rain.

Heavy Rain

Occasionally there are strong gusts of wind, and trees are uprooted. One is strongly advised to avoid the Nature Reserve during bad weather. I found this poor tree about a day after heavy rains.

Uprooted Tree

Finally, though, I couldn’t resist putting this little fella into this post, he was a Force of Nature as far as I was concerned! I was afraid to walk past him, so intent was his stare.

Monkey Stare

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Nowadays, I find it very difficult to get up early, thanks to the late nights I keep. Holidays are different, I guess. If you go to bed when the sun sets, it’s much easier to be up early at dawn.

The following set was taken in the Gobi desert, Dunhuang. There were no clouds initially, and so the camera caught graduations of black to blue to gold, all the way down to the horizon of trees and sand.


A little cloud floated in and caught a glimpse of the sun, and then the sky glowed.


And down on the ground, the flora and fauna greeted the new day.


Posted in response to the Prompt “Early Bird”. For more interpretations, please go here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

I know I haven’t posted for awhile – been rather busy, but all is well 🙂

Here’s a butterfly hovering and looking for all the world as though it is afloat on a cushion of air. Truth to tell, it was a lucky shot, as the butterfly was flitting about so quickly!

Butterfly MacRitchie

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