Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

Sometimes we have guests in the garden. Here’s one that transitioned almost as we watched. Regretfully, we missed the moment he went free. He’s a Great Mormon (Papilio Memnon Agenor).

He was already a large greedy caterpillar when first spotted
Chomp! Chomp!
Time to rest, and transmogrify
Gone now, only an empty shell left

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Just to update followers and searchers about the pomelo tree in a pot, the unsuccessful fruiting and the new flower buds, we have success at last!!!

After many attempts at providing fruit, the tree finally succeeded after I switched to goat fertiliser, and wrapped the fruit up as soon as they were of decent size.

The end result were two good-sized pomeloes weighing just under 1 kg each. The flesh was soft, juicy and most sweet!

Pomelo Buds!

Me : I have pomelo flowers!

Friend : For breakfast?

Me : ON the tree

Friend : Picture?

Me : Flower buds


Friend : Nice

Let’s hope I have better luck this year! For last year’s saga of the pomelo flowers and fruit, go to

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Pomelo Update

Some time ago, I posted pics from my pomelo tree. I guess I owe all followers an update on what happened.

Well, although a friend told me to wrap the fruit with a plastic bag or newspaper when it was calamansi lime-sized, I didn’t do it. So then one day when it was grapefruit sized, I saw a happy insect buzzing around and poking into the fruit… literally. I apologize I have no pics of this insect.

Anyway, not long after, the fruit started to ripen, and fell into my hand when I gave it a gentle tug. It was still too small, and not the proper size of a pomelo yet.

We cut it open, and the fruit pulp was still tiny within the thick rind. How did it taste? I don’t know 😦 Memories of that insect put me off!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Malaysia’s national flower, the hibiscus

Traditionally red, this version is orangey

Fresh this morning, but then it rained heavily

a little bedraggled now


Pomelo Plant in a Pot

A pomelo tree sat in a pot in the Nursery,

Will it fruit, I asked the lady,

Give it a shot, she said and took my money.

Well I waited patiently,

And mom watered you irregularly.

From precious blooms, just one fruit survived it was tiny. 

Now like a little lime, will you continue to grow

As large as an orange, then grapefruit (your relations, you know)?

How sweet will you be, my first homegrown pomelo?

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