Gratitude #5

I may not have a green thumb but I do enjoy trying to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables.

I’m very grateful to have my small space that is sunny enough for plants and other visitors. The little garden rewards me when I pay it attention, and I have been giving it more attention since work-from-home started!

Some of the improvement must surely be due to the reduced frequency of insecticides-spraying, as many of workers were quarantined because of Covid-19. It makes me happy to see the flying insects and little worms, even if some of my leaves have a few too many holes in them. Live and let live I say.

Covid Gardening

Only the bittergourd made it.

All the leafy veg died, wilted in infancy.

The eggplant and cucumber are stunted.

But the bittergourd made it.

As with many other stay at home families during this period, I took to gardening and tried my hand at vegetables. Unfortunately the results are dismal. Fortunately supermarket shelves are now well-stocked. But I’ll keep trying ­čÖé

Mom is well. She doesn’t recognise vegetables anymore but can feed herself. For that we’re thankful.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

Sometimes we┬áhave guests in the garden. Here’s one that transitioned almost as we watched. Regretfully, we missed the moment he went free. He’s a Great Mormon (Papilio Memnon Agenor).

He was already a large greedy caterpillar when first spotted

Chomp! Chomp!

Time to rest, and transmogrify

Gone now, only an empty shell left

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