Heavy Rain

Few days back we had severely wet weather. It rained in 3 hours more than the monthly average for the country, the headlines went. Canals flooded over and spilled onto roads.

Rather than getting angry at the government for failing to prevent floods, the people took it in stride, it seems to me. There were pictures of buses driving through floods and passengers lifting up their feet to avoid getting their ankles wet. There were news articles advising drivers against driving into floods. This is the new normal! Here’s what you do!

Perhaps we were “lucky” most commuters were still working from home. Plenty of videos taken from high rise apartments were posted online.

The new normal is not just living with Covid-19 but adjusting to global warming.

Heating up

2 weeks after the start of 2021, its getting warmer. Chilly (for Singapore) and very wet days are interspersed with occasional hot sunny days.

There are also far more cars om the road and a journey that used to take me 19 minutes now takes 27. Shopping malls are getting positively crowded.

And sadly, because all good things come to an end, the run of zero community cases of Covid-19 is slowly but surely ending. There is now a cluster of cases linked to a police dog-handler or para-vet. The cases are the para-vet, his spouse, his colleague and the colleague’s household member. The good news is that none of the 30 dogs tested positive. We don’t yet know the origin of this cluster. There might be more cases uncovered as contact tracing continues.

Wet start!

What a rainy start to 2021 for Singapore!

Hopefully the rain will wash away the problems of 2020 and we can start with a clean slate. Today 2nd January, it hasn’t stopped raining since New Year day! And there’s more rain and thunderstorms predicted for next week.

But please let’s not have any floods. We love the cooler weather but can we not have such extreme weather? If its not too hot, its too wet!

On another note, Singapore has gone from having one community case of Covid-19 a fortnight to 5 a day. Keeping fingers crossed that the 2 new community clusters are controlled soon.