O Cock!

I text a lot, it’s just the nature of communication these days. Instead of a phone call, we send a short missive across, and the other person replies when they are able.

Sometimes I’ll concur by typing “Okay” or “Ok”, or use the “thumbs up” sign, or the “ok” sign with the thumb and forefinger making a circle.

And others texted back the same way.

About a year or so ago, I encountered the “okok”. It took me some time to realise this was “Ok, ok”. It’s getting more common and I don’t like it.

“Ok, ok” sounds impatient and rude. See some examples below.

A: Are you free for lunch?
B: Okok
A thinks: (Look, you don’t have to join me for lunch if you don’t want to)

A: Can you forward the email to me now?
B: Okok
A thinks: (Are you saying I’m being a bother?)

A: Can you bring the dog to the vet?
B: Okok
A: (….)

One Ok is enough. Two is O Cock!