Sri Krishnan Temple

Sri Krishnan temple, Waterloo Street

Singapore is full of interesting sites that are noticed more by tourists than locals. This colourful Hindu temple is one example that I came across last November that I didn’t know much about and I was prompted to find out more.

Sri Krishnan Temple was gazetted as a national monument in 2014. As it was situated quite close to the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, a practice of cross-worshipping developed where devotees at one temple crossed over to worship at the other. When I saw the Chinese worshippers in the picture above I had mistakenly thought it was a Chinese temple with Indian-looking deities. The internet tells me the entrance statuettes depict the major incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu and a wedding scene.

In the late 1980s a large Chinese urn for joss sticks was donated by a Chicken Rice Seller. Perhaps it is the urn pictured above. I must go and check if the words “Waterloo Chicken Rice” are inscribed on it when I’m in the neighbourhood again.

Day at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore opened 6 years ago, but I’d never been there…. that is, until I got my free ticket! It would otherwise have cost at least US$50.


To get in you walk under the Sentosa Island monorail.

Under the monorail

It was Minion season, and there were fully costumed minions on stage and minion-wannabes on the ground greeting the crowd.

Minions and minions

This shopfront brought back memories – my Mom had a Singer and gave it to me, and I managed to misplace it. Thankfully, she doesn’t bring it up anymore.

Singer machine

I wonder how many Singaporeans identify with Marilyn, nonetheless she still draws a crowd, obviously.


The star attraction of Universal Studios Singapore is the Battlestar Galactica double roller-coaster ride. This was plagued with problems at the beginning and often out of action, causing much unhappiness with visitors to the theme pack. Today, it is fully operational.

Battlestar Galactica

One roller-coaster runs with it’s patrons suspended. You can see many choose to ride barefooted in order not to lose their slippers.Suspended

The other roller-coaster has its patrons seated, but it is no less thrilling, I’m sure.


The suspended people are sometimes turned upside down on their heads.Suspended and Upside-Down

Here’s a not very good picture of both rides intertwining.

Human Vs Cylon

Here’s another bad picture opportunity which I couldn’t resist, I call it “Facepalm”.


I decided to try this mini-ride because it looked safe. It’s called “Canopy Flyer” and it was terrifying.


Paid a brief visit to Sleeping Beauty’s castle, which was really very photogenic.


Jack’s Beanstalk tower concealed another ride for young kiddies.Jack's Beanstalk

Waited for Shrek he didn’t show up.Shrek

Took a last glimpse of the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon from across the waterAnother view

And I bid farewell to Universal Studios Singapore characters at the merry-go-round. It was a fun visit.

Last ride

Seen around town

We are approaching the Mid-Autumn on 4 October; this is the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Seasonal roadside decorations have been put up to both set the mood and remind us. The picture below shows large cellophane (or glass paper) lanterns which are traditionally lighted up by placing a burning candle inside… and then they look very pretty like stained glass sculptures flickering in the moonlight. One childhood memory comes to mind – the more coveted and treasured a lantern, the more quickly it catches fire and burns up. 

These doggies at a major shopping center never fail to attract crowds of admirers. This a rare photo without someone standing in the midst of them. I can’t figure who they are supposed to symbolise. Paparazzi? Doggarazzis? 

Enter a caption

Now this sight caught me by surprise. Google maps and Wikipedia informs me it’s a Thai Buddhist temple established almost a hundred years ago called Ananda Metyarama. It has a modern cubist extension added behind it in 2014. I may plan a proper visit with a camera some day.