Glass Art

Some time ago, a friend who visited Seattle shared pictures he took of Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures. They were so vivid, wild, huge and just beautiful. I just had to see them in person, but Seattle is so far away and it seemed unlikely. Anyway, I put it on my bucket list. I imagined that if some day I happened to be in the neighbourhood, I’d swing by for a day or two.

Well, I don’t have to go there now, because the art has come here! They’ve been flown over in boxes, unpacked and assembled by a team of artists. The art is installed all over the Gardens by the Bay here in Singapore.

The above snapshot is a preview I caught at the Cloud Forest dome. I’m looking forward to going back a few times to catch all of it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle – Kinetic Rain

I’ve never been a fan of installation art, but this piece at Changi Airport Terminal 1 never fails to leave me enthralled.

It’s made up of hundreds if not thousands of suspended pink teardrops each individually controlled by it’s own motor in the ceiling. The teardrops rise and fall in intriguing patterns which ripple across the whole, sometimes resembling large shapes, and at other times appearing like random rain drops. It is really fascinating to watch. Do check out the video after you have tried to imagine the movement from the photos, you’d be amazed.

This is a post in response to the prompt in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle