Silver Lining

Whilst we cannot eat out during this Phase, we can do almost everything else. We can shop, go to the market, visit a hair salon or the cinema. This time round, restrictions have also been applied to children because of a spate of infections affecting children who had attended tuition class. So activities for children have also been curtailed for 4 weeks.

What this means is that despite the ongoing school holidays, tourist attractions have been sparsely attended, which makes everything a little more pleasant. So this is the best time to enjoy attractions which are usually chock-a-block with crowds. One can enjoy the sights and take photographs without worrying about somebody being in the way.

This not-so-little Kei-Chan sculpture by Yayoi Kusuma was donated by a generous art collector earlier this year. Usually, she is surrounded by a picture seekers.

Glass Art

Some time ago, a friend who visited Seattle shared pictures he took of Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures. They were so vivid, wild, huge and just beautiful. I just had to see them in person, but Seattle is so far away and it seemed unlikely. Anyway, I put it on my bucket list. I imagined that if some day I happened to be in the neighbourhood, I’d swing by for a day or two.

Well, I don’t have to go there now, because the art has come here! They’ve been flown over in boxes, unpacked and assembled by a team of artists. The art is installed all over the Gardens by the Bay here in Singapore.

The above snapshot is a preview I caught at the Cloud Forest dome. I’m looking forward to going back a few times to catch all of it!

Opening Up

Sakura theme display at Gardens by the Bay, nice and not crowded.

With the low number of Covid cases in the community, Singapore is gradually opening up. I have mixed feelings about this.

It’s getting more crowded on the roads as more are going to work, so no more smooth speedy journeys through deserted roads. One must aside more time for traveling or be late.

Mask discipline is falling and fewer people are properly masked. It always irks me when their masks are off and they are carrying on loud conversations… near me.

Is it possible to get so used to social distancing that “going back to normal” brings anxiety?

April 5 is the day – WFH or work from home will no longer be the default, and more people can go back to work in offices. Larger gatherings will be allowed at work, weddings, concerts, funerals.

I look forward to more live music performances, because these can be enjoyed with masks on and nobody talking! Currently, tickets are few and quickly sold out as the number of attendees is severely restricted.

Until then, perhaps I should try to fit in more visits to tourist attractions that are normally too crowded but now a pleasure to visit with crowd controls.