How to Give out Flyers

Or rather… How to make people TAKE the flyers you are shoving in their faces

My daughter had a job gave out flyers recently. Flyers meaning advertisement brochures. She stood in a busy town area for a couple of hours and handed out flyers to as many passersby as she could. The trick was to make them want to take it, and once you’ve handed out all your flyers, your job is done.

She shared a number of interesting observations, and I have her permission to share them here.

– generally the men will walk slower, they’re nicer, and will stop if you talk to them, and take a flyer

– most women walk off without meeting your eye so be prepared to be rejected

– to increase your chances with the men, say “Mother’s Day! Something for Mother’s Day!”

– to increase your chances with the women, turn the flyer to the part with the pearl necklace, push that forward and say “Discount!”

– dating couples are interesting, the guy is easily distracted by you and wants to look at what you have; but she doesn’t

– older folk… always take a flyer. Put it carefully in their bags. To read later, and maybe like grandma, they’re collecting

There was this older gentleman who became pensive and said wistfully, “My mother long gone…”. My daughter suggested, what about your wife? He gave a start and said, “Oh ya..”. He took a flyer.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Singapore this year on 11-13 May. I’ve been told it is celebrated on different days around the world. Wherever you are, and if you are mother, mama, mummy, mom, Mum, ibu, mak, dad, husband, son, daughter, here’s wishing you…

Happy Mother’s Day!