Simon Says…

As time went by, I noticed mom sometimes copes by copying.

If we were walking about in a shopping mall, she would “play” follow the leader. Walk after the leader, stop when the leader stopped, and look at what the leader looked at.

During meals, I noticed she would copy which utensils I picked up and how I used them. For example, if I put down the chopsticks and picked up the spoon for soup, she would do the same soon after. Nonetheless, she still used all the utensils with skill.

We took a short flight recently, and because of some last-minute changes, mom ended up across the aisle from me, with a tall handsome stranger between us. During the flight, I glanced across at her, and was amused and surprised at what I saw…

The man had flipped down the food tray so that he could rest his hands on it, as he was too tall for the armrests. Mom had done exactly the same! So there they were, side by side, food trays down, hands together in repose, exactly the same way.

I’m glad he didn’t mind.

I only wonder if other Alzheimer’s persons did the same… Please share.