Glass Art

Some time ago, a friend who visited Seattle shared pictures he took of Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures. They were so vivid, wild, huge and just beautiful. I just had to see them in person, but Seattle is so far away and it seemed unlikely. Anyway, I put it on my bucket list. I imagined that if some day I happened to be in the neighbourhood, I’d swing by for a day or two.

Well, I don’t have to go there now, because the art has come here! They’ve been flown over in boxes, unpacked and assembled by a team of artists. The art is installed all over the Gardens by the Bay here in Singapore.

The above snapshot is a preview I caught at the Cloud Forest dome. I’m looking forward to going back a few times to catch all of it!

Last photo for November

Cropped to square

This is a photo challenge from bushboy, and it is just to take the last photo in the camera roll or phone and post it unedited. Disclaimer and confession – I cropped my photo.

And just in case the link above didn’t work (somehow it didn’t work in my preview), here is the link to bushboy’s blog –