Gardens by the Bay – 3

This is my third and final post on my recent visit to Gardens by the Bay. The first two posts were on the flowers and succulents of the Flower Dome. This post will feature pictures from the 2nd dome, called Cloud Forest.

Cloud Forest is the taller of the 2 domes, and more humid. It features orchids, anthuriums and other tropical plants. Both domes are air-conditioned and a welcome relief from the year-round hot weather we have in Singapore. So truth to tell, this green attraction might not be environmentally green after all!

A multi-storeyed structure dominates the centre of Cloud Forest and there are multiple high linkways.

The variety of orchids was amazing!

Of course there were other varieties as well. It was time well spent with friends as we went around sharing what we noticed and enjoyed. To avoid the crowds, weekday and early visits are best.


Gardens by the Bay – 2

This is my second post of a fantastic visit to Gardens by the Bay. This time the focus is on the Succulents and Baobab section of the Flower Dome. The variety and health of the specimens was mind-boggling. I was also mightily impressed with the thought and effort put into the design and sculptures put in place. Look out for the characters in “Aloes in Wonderland”.

Aloes in Wonderland
Aloes in Wonderland
White Rabbit
Aloes in Wonderland
A “card”… Haha

Gardens by the Bay – 1

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is a fabulous botanical garden. I will let the pictures speak for themselves! There are 2 air-conditioned domes – a Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. If you’re visiting, do set aside at least 2 hours for each of the domes.

This first post will focus on the flowers of the Flower Dome which is currently running a special cherry blossom display alongside a Japan Fair. I really enjoyed walking amidst the blooms and capturing the flowers on camera.

My next post will feature the succulents in the Flower Dome. Wait for it!

Sakura or cherry blossom


Japanese gate
The decor adds to the ambience
Prunus yeodensis
Prunus yeodensis
Flower box
Singapore skyline seen through the dome


All the flowers there are real!
Blooming Sakura
I believe the blooms are at their best now. Someone accidentally shook a trunk and petals rained down.


Beautiful but I didn’t catch the name
Prunus kikushidare
A variant of Sakura that is “chrysanthemum-like”
Another Japanese scene


Super Blue Blood Moon

The weather in Singapore is often so cloudy that we cannot be sure we will see any astronomical phenomena. So it was with some surprise that the January 31 moon was well visible through most of its phases. For the record, it was a Blue moon (the second full moon in a month), a Blood moon (due to a phase in the eclipse when partial sunlight hits the moon) and a Super moon (as the moon is closest to the Earth at this time).

These are my intermittent attempts to catch the moon through its phases over four hours, as seen from Singapore!

Super moon rising, shining brightly
Eclipse starting
A little bite in the bottom left corner as Earth casts its shadow
Blood Moon!
Blood moon!
Closer View
A closer view of the blood moon
Full Eclipse
Full eclipse with a bright crescent where the Earth’s shadow is leaving the moon
Eclipse is over
It’s the super moon again, almost directly overhead
Wolf moon?
The clouds give the moon a blue and red halo

Rainy Walk

It’s “cold” in Singapore, 22 degrees yesterday.

After 2 weeks of continuous wet weather

my legs were crying for a long walk.

At least it wasn’t pouring, it just drizzled continuously.

Only some paths were the color and consistency of

cheese dip, and soon thick mud coated my shoes.

Should have brought the heavier weather-proof camera;

anyway here’s what the little camera got.

Starting out in the park next to the nature reserve
There were others who didn’t mind splashing and squelching through the mud
Why would people bring rental bikes into a nature reserve which doesn’t allow bikes and leave them out there?
Looks like a grey heron, but I cannot be sure


A collared kingfisher perching and in flight…

And just as I thought the long-tailed macaques were hiding, I saw this little fella:

Long-tailed macaque hoping I had food for it. I didn’t.

Day at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore opened 6 years ago, but I’d never been there…. that is, until I got my free ticket! It would otherwise have cost at least US$50.


To get in you walk under the Sentosa Island monorail.

Under the monorail

It was Minion season, and there were fully costumed minions on stage and minion-wannabes on the ground greeting the crowd.

Minions and minions

This shopfront brought back memories – my Mom had a Singer and gave it to me, and I managed to misplace it. Thankfully, she doesn’t bring it up anymore.

Singer machine

I wonder how many Singaporeans identify with Marilyn, nonetheless she still draws a crowd, obviously.


The star attraction of Universal Studios Singapore is the Battlestar Galactica double roller-coaster ride. This was plagued with problems at the beginning and often out of action, causing much unhappiness with visitors to the theme pack. Today, it is fully operational.

Battlestar Galactica

One roller-coaster runs with it’s patrons suspended. You can see many choose to ride barefooted in order not to lose their slippers.Suspended

The other roller-coaster has its patrons seated, but it is no less thrilling, I’m sure.


The suspended people are sometimes turned upside down on their heads.Suspended and Upside-Down

Here’s a not very good picture of both rides intertwining.

Human Vs Cylon

Here’s another bad picture opportunity which I couldn’t resist, I call it “Facepalm”.


I decided to try this mini-ride because it looked safe. It’s called “Canopy Flyer” and it was terrifying.


Paid a brief visit to Sleeping Beauty’s castle, which was really very photogenic.


Jack’s Beanstalk tower concealed another ride for young kiddies.Jack's Beanstalk

Waited for Shrek he didn’t show up.Shrek

Took a last glimpse of the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon from across the waterAnother view

And I bid farewell to Universal Studios Singapore characters at the merry-go-round. It was a fun visit.

Last ride