New Patterns

The weekend before eating out was allowed, the roads were very busy with cars, and cyclists. I wonder what that was about. Everyone seemed so busy. But the neighbourhood was quiet as I took my walk.

I think so much has changed since Covid began, 17 months ago. The government is saying city design would have to adjust, hinting some changes are coming. Details on what these changes would be are vague right now. Meanwhile, government housing flats have been delayed up to 9 months. Some family members have to adjust their expectations on when their new flats would be ready.

My office is under-utilised, there are only a handful of people on the whole floor when I do go in. Working from home, I’m very dependent on home broadband, and getting used to how it cuts out for a few seconds several times a day… I just wait for it to reconnect, and hope I haven’t missed too much of the online meeting. Usually it’s ok.

So this week, we can dine out in groups of two. I may arrange some coffee meetings, keeping my fingers crossed, and taking small calculated risks.

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