Five but no eating out

With daily Covid-19 cases finally coming down to less than 20 a day and holding, we have a little relaxation in the rules, starting today. Gatherings of five are allowed, but no meals in public places yet. What this means is we can have five different people visit each household per day, which really makes it easier for me to have family members visit for meals! And more people can come and visit Mom and make her day a little more interesting.

No meals in public places means that people have been eating only at home, or in some instances, in their cars. Essential workers have been allowed to eat at their work places, but must eat alone. All other workers have been compelled to work from home. Delivery riders have been busy.

Hopefully, by next week, we will be allowed to eat out in groups of five and share a dessert platter again!

5 thoughts on “Five but no eating out”

  1. I hope people alone at their desks at work can still talk to each other from afar, or maybe on their computer screens, so they’re not quite so alone. Great time to be a food delivery driver.


    1. Oh yes, work goes on. People don’t shop as much because now they have to so between mealtimes. Maybe like me they are afraid of being hungry while out!
      Plenty of competition in the food delivery space though, and a bunch of McDonald’s delivery riders have had a cluster of infection.

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