My turn is coming,
I'm old enough.
I've had to wait.

First the health care workers
In hospitals, clinics and care homes,
Then the airline staff and maritime workers.

Bus drivers and taxi drivers next,
And the police and immigration and customs people,
Otherwise also known as the Home Team,
And the soldiers.

I forgot to mention
The folks in residential homes
And prisons.
Then the really old, above 70.
One had a heart attack afterwards,
Hope he's well now.

The lorry drivers crossing borders
To bring us fruit and veg
Will take their jabs
Before driving back.

School teachers are next
To protect the students,
Too young for vaccines now.

Then the next oldest,
The above 60s.
And then finally
The middle aged.
Now I'm in line.

9 thoughts on “Vaccination”

  1. I’m glad you’re in line now too. Though I’m technically able to get the vaccine now, I have to wait an additional 30 days because I just had a TB test as a requisite for my new part-time job.


  2. Here in the UK, they are now doing the over 50’s, after first doing the over 80’s, clinically vulnerable, Health/Hospital staff, care homes and care workers, then the over 70’s and 60’s. They are working now down in age groups. I had my first vaccination last week and only had a mild reaction of chills and aching which lasted about 10 hours. Hope all goes well with yours.


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