Lasting Power of Attorney

I finally submitted my form for lasting power of attorney (LPA), specifying who should look after my personal care needs and financial matters should I lose mental capacity.

More information on the LPA as applied in Singapore can be obtained at the link here.

Basically, the power of attorney can be triggered when one has lost mental capacity for at least 96 hours. Loss of mental capacity could be irreversible, for example, when dementia is the cause. It could also be temporary such as delirium due to illness or coma due to head injury. When this happens, the nominee (known as the donee) can take over personal care or financial decisions for the person who has lost mental capacity (the donor). For example, the donee can operate the donor’s bank account, hire a caregiver or choose a doctor for the donor.

There’s good news for those who are thinking of getting their LPA done… the fee waiver has been further extended to next year! This means there is no fee required at the Office of the Public Guardian. The standard form can be easily filled up by the applicant (donor) herself or himself.

Should the donor require help in filling up the standard form, there are professionals offering this service for under $100 (Singapore dollars). However, if one has more complicated plans and arrangements, the fees will be higher and the non-standard application form is used. Such situations could arise for applicants with businesses, for example, where there are different donees required to take over separate business matters and different donees require for personal care needs.

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