Brownian motion

Maybe that’s what is happening in mom’s mind. Thoughts collide randomly and spark words which don’t always join up into meaningful sentences. When they do, it is not always appropriate.

Walks in the neightbourhood have diminished after my helper was told off. Mom was too excited to see a young boy on a bicycle and somehow this brought her back in time and triggered a memory. She launched into fluent and firm advice mode – you shouldn’t ride here, you should be more careful. She must have been so pleased to be useful.

The boy’s mom showed up and was not at all pleased. She must also have been fluent when scolding my helper for not keeping my mother out of her son’s way.

I wish people could be more understanding and accepting. The boy and his mother were foreigners, not that it really matters. It could have been anyone, but I feel a little upset that the mother felt so righteous in my country. I don’t know who they are, and have no way of apologizing or explaining. Maybe she is also sorry for losing it. Maybe one day she will experience the sadness of dementia first hand.


10 thoughts on “Brownian motion”

  1. It’s awful how people can sometimes jump to conclusions, obviously the mothering instinct to protect her child stepped in. Pity people can’t listen though and try to understand the situation better. I hope the walks can continue for your mother.


  2. Sadly, civility is something humans must learn, it’s not an inherited behavior. I believe civility begins with respect and that listening is the first rule of love. I can only hope that the upset mother is given cause to reflect on her small minded outrage and will give her son a better example of civil behavior in the future.

    Dementia is feared by most people, a stark reminder of mortality. Those who commit to care for others struggling with dementia are truly saints.

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  3. Even out and about in my country people can be less than polite when dealing with others. I once told a mother she needed to watch her kid with that water hose because he was squirting cars going by. She told me off for calling her child “kid” and nothing about his misbehavior. I would have moments of anxiety when taking mom out in public for fear of what she might do or say. It’s not easy.


  4. Something similar happened with me and my mum. I agree with you, why can’t people be more understanding? One day someone they love will be old and frail and maybe then they’ll remember their harsh words and be ashamed.


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