Smart Phone

I was to meet a friend for lunch and told her to call me when she arrived at the mall.

I waited and waited and no call came. So I decided to check my phone. Dang it, there was a missed call from my friend that my phone had declined!

Have you ever had the experience where you put your phone in your trouser pocket and it autodials your last call? Or have you ever been on the other end and received calls from phones in pockets acting independently? And all you hear is the rustling of fabric and perhaps snippets of conversations not meant for you. Well I have experienced both these events.

This time my phone had gone one step better. It had not only declined my friend’s phone call but had also sent a text to my friend saying “I’m on my way”! So I hadn’t heard the phone ringing and my friend didn’t call back thinking I was already aware.

Now how smart is that? This phone is being too smart for me.


7 thoughts on “Smart Phone”

    1. My smart phone has a function when you can reject a call and send a message simultaneously. I think another message is “I’ll call you back”. So somehow the when the phone rang, I must have accidentally “pushed” the reject call and send text button 😮


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