I offered Mom a sweet seedless grape.

Would you like one, or two or three?

She held out her hand laughing, signaling yes, please.

Now what do you call these?

She laughed even more.

What’s this?

More laughter.

What’s this fruit?

Apple, she finally offered.

Nope, these are grapes.

She didn’t deign to reply, just ate her grapes.


4 thoughts on “Grape”

  1. My mother is laughing more easily too and it’s so much easier hanging out with her because of her childlike optimism most days. I try not to correct her or over explain (unless I’m trying to get her out of the car) because I am realizing one moment she’s aware and another she’s not. The awareness moments are fewer and far between, but so far, they still show up. Thank you for cherishing these small precious moments and sharing them with us.


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