Gardens by the Bay – 3

This is my third and final post on my recent visit to Gardens by the Bay. The first two posts were on the flowers and succulents of the Flower Dome. This post will feature pictures from the 2nd dome, called Cloud Forest.

Cloud Forest is the taller of the 2 domes, and more humid. It features orchids, anthuriums and other tropical plants. Both domes are air-conditioned and a welcome relief from the year-round hot weather we have in Singapore. So truth to tell, this green attraction might not be environmentally green after all!

A multi-storeyed structure dominates the centre of Cloud Forest and there are multiple high linkways.

The variety of orchids was amazing!

Of course there were other varieties as well. It was time well spent with friends as we went around sharing what we noticed and enjoyed. To avoid the crowds, weekday and early visits are best.


10 thoughts on “Gardens by the Bay – 3”

  1. The walkways are amazing. The orchids are beautiful. The Chicago Botanic Garden has an annual orchid show which I always attend. Thank you for sharing your Japan experience.


  2. I have just gone public with my (caregiving site) after having it a few years now. I am a caregiver. I loved, loved loved your photography and the article! Awesome location and food for thought here on how to bring some Color and Light back into my BF’s life! Thank you so much


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