Propeller affair

I had never noticed how much more fun a propeller plane is compared with an jetplane. You can sense the ground speeding beneath the wheels and hear every creak of the wheel axels as the plane speeds up for take-off. For me, it adds to the thrill.

Just getting onto the plane feels like an adventure all in itself, to step out onto the tarmac, feel the wind, see the outside of the plane up close… and climb up.



One gets so much closer to the action – see the baggage loading for example


And if there’re decorative themes on the plane, so much the better to get up close.



It is a strange thing, but the camera shutter is so fast it freezes the propeller action, so giving the impression we are floating up into the air by magic.


To illustrate, the collage below shows how the propeller appears at two different camera shutter speeds. The left picture shows how the propeller is “frozen” by the quick shutter speed (1/10000 sec), and right shows a normal propeller action at a slower shutter speed (1/125 sec). I cannot explain though, why the propeller looks distorted when it’s spinning rapidly, it surely is not that flexible.


In case you were wondering, we were safely boarded before the propellers were started.


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