A Year in Review

A couple of weeks back, I noticed one of my posts was getting a lot of views from unknown persons. That post was “What is a Snack?” and it gave a snapshot of how Mom was about a year ago. She was confused, disorientated and gave the impression that she would only get worse and the end was near.

Fortunately for us, she stabilised, and amazingly enough, she probably even improved slightly. She’s still frail, but seems less confused, and she doesn’t get as agitated or wake up at night.

I’m not sure what helped the most. And I am very hesitant to report this…. but we started her on coconut oil. Just one teaspoon everyday. At the same time, we slowed down on snacks and rice as she was more sedentary and gaining weight.

It is all still very controversial and the theory goes like this – Alzheimer’s is a kind of diabetes of the brain. The science on this is still in its infancy, and more findings are required. Now Mom doesn’t have diabetes, but she does have mixed dementia (combined Alzheimer’s and vascular), and she has vascular disease similar to those found in persons with diabetes. So in theory, if she has something like diabetes, she may benefit from a diet that’s good for persons with diabetes.

There’s a huge controversy on what’s good for a person with diabetes today. One idea is that a high fat diet is good, and to avoid carbohydrates and excessive protein. It’s hard to believe that the minor change we made to her diet made any difference, but here we are. I’ll say no more.

13 thoughts on “A Year in Review”

  1. the thing about dementia and Alzheimer’s is that it will only get worse and, even if the deterioration process seemed to slow down, it won’t stop, and, although there are a lot of research, promising a cure, but, a cure is still, nowhere near coming into being yet, just enjoy this temporarily found wellbeing of your loved one.

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      1. i read the recommended dosage for dementia patients is 4 tablespoons. This is recommended by Dr Bruce Fife.


  2. We started giving dad coconul oil. He was much further along the dementia road than your mum but we thought it was worth trying (let’s face it we’ll try almost anything). We knew it wouldn’t cure him as there is no cure for dementia but had read lots of anecdotal evidence about its positive effects. And indeed, for a time, dad did seem much brighter, more alert and his speech improved a bit. I added it to his porridge in the morning and used it in cooking.
    It was also wonderful as a moisturiser for his very dry skin.
    A friend who has a health food shop has started taking it because she believes it can possibly prevent or at least delay the onset.
    It’s lovely to hear that your mum is in a good place just now.

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