Hazy Outlook

The weather isn’t so good in Singapore. The wind brings fine ash particles from the plantation fires that are raging over in Sumatra. Days are shrouded dull grey. It rains and rains – cloud seeding is rumored – but that does nothing to the haze as the particles are just too fine. They should make it rain on the fires, not on us!

And Mom is showing more signs of confusion. I think the lack of strong daylight is interfering with her daily rhythm. Her afternoon naps are shortened; and she demands her bath and dinner several hours before they are due. The lack of sleep adds to her confusion, and for the first time we hear the confused speech associated with dementia. She’s looking for something, anxious about the “renovation”, having to go somewhere, speaking a strange dialect.

She doesn’t smile as freely. Her eyes are wary now.

I hope it’s not a lurking infection. If only the haze would clear up soon.


15 thoughts on “Hazy Outlook”

  1. We often found with dad an increase in confusion signalled the onset of an infection, often long before any symptoms a doctor would recognise appeared. Your weather can’t be helping matters. Hope it clears soon.


  2. My mother this week commented that the dark clouds were bad. I think that was her way of saying the lack of sunshine was affecting her mood. It happens, but it is sure to improve if you get some wind. Does that happen in Singapore?


  3. I feel so terrible for those people whose plantations are burning! This could be some serious economic damage, no? And it’s no fun living in the haze from the ash, either. I know that from experience. I hope it clears up for you soon, too. Also, I read an article recently by a doctor whose husband had Alzheimer’s. She was using coconut oil and it seemed to slow the effects of the dementia. The article, in case you’re interested is here: http://www.naturalnews.com/030919_coconut_oil_Alzheimers.html. Maybe it will help?


    1. They burn the forests and plantations as a method of clearing the land for new plantings!
      I’ve heard of the coconut oil but wasn’t convinced that it works. But if the confusion persists, I think I will give it a try.


  4. I think of plantations burning, and I think of deforestation and the release of carbon into the atmosphere at astonishing rates – horrific for the ozone layer and ‘global weirding’. And your mom is in tune with the planet, feeling her own ‘weirding’ as well. We are one with all of the suffering and the ‘weirding’. May all beings be happy, in balance; the earth, your mom.

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