The Power of Nature

Tropical thunderstorms can be ferocious. In Singapore the worst ones happen in the middle of the night during the inter-monsoon season. Fortunately, apart from the need to get up to close the windows, I sleep very well through them! I love the rumbling thunder and the sound of the pouring rain. Sometimes, the wind gusts and howls, and it is accompanied by the crashing of things falling and breaking.

Here’s the evidence of one such gusty storm in April this year; an uprooted tree and broken bamboo stems, in the nature reserve. Part of the cycle of renewal, I’m sure.




9 thoughts on “The Power of Nature”

  1. I lived in Singapore for ten years during the eighties and loved those storms; the gust of wind that meant one was on their way, the strong smell of damp soil afterwards and the bull frogs making such a row that, when I first moved there, I thought it was a field of donkeys!

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  2. We are in the wet season here in SW Florida and the storms roll through here with such intensity with the thunder and lightening. Like you, I am comfortable with them; however, we may be getting a named tropical storm in a few days.


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