Geriatric Clinic

Come in, Aunty, sit over here. Now how have you been? You’re looking well.

Are there any issues? Any breathlessness? No?

Let me listen to your lungs Aunty and check your neck veins. Lungs are clear.

Now when was her last cardiologist visit? She never had one? Hmmm, alright. Is she passing motion daily? Stool soft, any straining? But nicely formed, like a banana, like this? Good, good.

Does she object to anything? Gets agitated, takes her medicine? Exercise?! She objects to EXERCISE?!

Aunty, you don’t want to exercise?! What do you do all day? Are there so many good shows on TV? I tell you what, every morning, when you get up, go to the window, and take a few deep breaths, stretch out your rib cage, ok? And in the afternoon, go for a walk ok?

You all take her down for a walk, ok? Can you do that?

Aunty, if you sit and watch TV all day, and eat and eat, and don’t exercise, your legs will get thin and over here will be very round. You will get fat and out of shape. So exercise, okay?

Haha Aunty, you laugh. You look very happy. Must go and exercise, okay?

You have any questions for me? No? Okay, see you next time.


12 thoughts on “Geriatric Clinic”

  1. because the elderly who are demented can’t answer for themselves, and, they probably couldn’t comprehend what the doctors are saying to them in the later on stages of their dementia, and so, it’d become this one-sided conversation that the doctors are having with their elderly demented patients.


    1. Actually, mom was smiling and laughing throughout. I think she did understand some, because after that she agreed to exercise more.
      I decided to write the post as a monologue because what we said wasn’t as interesting, I thought.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂


  2. Hope your mum does agree to exercise more. My mum sits and eats and watches TV and indeed, she has skinny legs and is pretty round in the middle! But she also feels better if I can convince her just to move around a bit. However, that doesn’t happen very often.


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