I have no idea…

A reminder to all… be careful what you ask for!



6 thoughts on “I have no idea…”

  1. So funny. I am reminded about the story of a small town close to where I live. (State of Missouri, U.S.). Back around 150 or so years ago, a sleepy little town decided it should have a name. So the mayor of the town wrote a letter to the person in charge of registering names of towns, giving their choice of a name for their town. But the reply came back, “Sorry, but there already is a town in Missouri by that name.” So, a second choice was sent, and again It was discovered that name had already been taken. Finally, in desperation, the town mayor sent a letter to the appropriate authority, asking him to assign a name to the town, stating, “I don’t care if is peculiar.” And the reply came back informing the town of their new name. Peculiar, Missouri. Really. I guess you have to be careful what you ask for.

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