A New Peace

Not too long ago, I found myself with about one hour to kill, nowhere to go and nothing to do. I just had to wait right there, for an indefinite length of time, in a strange neighborhood. Amazingly, the thought didn’t upset me at all.

As I get older, less bothers me. Time-wasting used to be something to be guarded against – there is so much to do, get your sixty seconds out of every minute, don’t dilly-dally, multi-task! You’re so important to so many people, be a superwoman! Or at least, as close to one as you could be. And when the unexpected happens and plans are upturned, scamper to make it right. In the aftermath, there’s the inevitable post-mortem, and self-castigation.

I’ve given up on all that, or as far as given up after a lifetime of bad habits would allow me to. Spending time on mindfulness practice has made me more aware of whatย is. And somehow that took the edge off whatever irritation I might have felt when the unexpected happens. It is what it is. Accept it. Mindfulness practice helps me to accept it wholly with my heart and mind.

So with one hour plus to kill, I got me a nice seat in the shade, bought a can of cold coffee and took my camera out to have fun.

Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4Drink



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