Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry – in Circles

A circle is symmetrical in every direction, so here’s my offering for the Weekly Photo Challenge – a circular yurt.

This Yurt is in a heritage camp in north Xinjiang, China, and it is built right on the edge of the path. Yurts are traditional dwelling places of the nomads in Central Asia, and can be easily dissembled and transported. The next picture shows the view from the inside of a yurt, with the cover slid open to reveal daylight. The spokes of the yurt ceiling are beautifully symmetrical.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry – in Circles”

  1. There is a yurt company not far from here in NW USA. We see them in public campgrounds for rent for a night or two. A neighbor had one built on his land and lived in it before he built his house. Funny thing, he does not have to pay property tax on the yurt building, as the local government does not consider it a permanent building. Yet it has been there about 10 years now, and looks great.


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