Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Yellow isn’t a favourite colour. I think in the cosmic scheme of things, yellow does not agree with me, and I often associate it with bad luck. Maybe because it is the colour of flames, and being of somewhat fiery personality, it gets to be too much of a hot thing when we get together. Nonetheless, I like yellow in small doses, and when accompanied by lots of green and blue.

Interestingly, in Malaysia, yellow is the colour of royalty. Hence, you might find yourself advised to avoid wearing yellow during official functions lest you cause offense. At best you will be thought of as being clueless.

Up north in Thailand, the “yellow-shirts” and “red-shirts” are supporters of opposing political factions, so one would be wise to avoid both red and yellow shirts when in Thailand!

Here are my favourite pictures with pops of yellow in them. This first is the front room of a ryokan or traditional Japanese inn in Japan. A very welcoming sight indeed when one is coming or going.


This here is very green ground cover brightened up by tiny yellow flowers


I love a full breakfast laid on pretty crockery such as this one in Noordin Mews, a little boutique hotel in Penang. The yellow of the sunny-side up eggs, and lesser yellows in the banana, pancakes and butter sure stimulate the appetite!


In response to Weekly Photo Challenge

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow”

  1. I like your choices for yellow.
    Yellow always makes me smile. I have no idea why and it automatic. I had a favorite yellow dress my mom made me when I was around seven. It was a pale lemon shade. My father called yellow sly like a fox. I never understood what this meant and I never asked him to explain.


  2. I like yellow as well. I could only dream of being able to take such fantastic photos. I can see why you are such an accomplished author and photographer. As my memory is getting worse, i will try and check your blog every day, but I may miss a few days. I am particularly interested in seeing many more of your very interesting photos. Mick Carmody


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