Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

For this week’s photo challenge, I dug very deep into photo archives, to one of the earliest rolls of film I ever shot. The brand and model of the instant camera is lost to me now, but the photos trigger many memories – sleeping in army tents and flimsy canvas beds, washing up after meals in buckets of water, hole-in-the-ground toilets and muddy wet surrounds.

The event was the National Girl Guides Jamboree Malaysia and guides from many Asia Pacific countries were invited. The highlight was campfire night when guides dressed up in national or traditional costume and performed for all. After the Jamboree, I exchanged letters with one or two of the other guides, but we soon lost touch. Before the internet and email, it was just more difficult to keep in contact. I remember a girl from the Philippines shared how her father regularly “paddled” her, meaning hit her with a wooden paddle. She was sad when she told me this, and surprised that I wasn’t treated the same way. She had plans to go to University and succeed in life.

I cannot remember now how long the Jamboree lasted, or how most of the days passed. If not for these photos, I might not have remembered it at all.

Guides from Sabah, Malaysia in a Kadazan dance
Washing hung out to dry
The Philippine guides rehearsing their item in order not to get their ankles clipped
Teachers from South Korea in national dress



11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten”

  1. Marvelous! I was a Girl Scout for 12 years and a leader when my girls were young. I remember learning a version of the “tinikling” dance at camp once, long bamboo poles clacking away. I went to a National event when I was 15 and saw Washington D.C. and New York City for the first time, sightseeing in my uniform. I climbed to the crown of the Statue of Liberty wearing that little green dress and platform shoes. I posted a picture of my 10-year-old self in uniform on my blog for the Girl Scout 100 year birthday, March 12 2012. If you’re curious, here’s the link: http://scillagrace.com/2012/03/12/happy-centennial-girl-scouts-of-america/


    1. Wow, what an amazing Guiding story you have! I enjoyed your post very much. Thank you for sharing it!
      I was a Brownie too, but was never photographed in uniform, it just didn’t occur to us then.


  2. The memories are good. They helped to make you who you are today.
    It is good for young people to be able to experience others from outside their home area, other cultures is even better. You are so right about the internet in helping people from so many parts of the world stay in touch. We get to see how much we are alike. Like you & me.
    Thank you.


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