Ready Steady Action!


At last something definitive is being done…

I complained to the specialist (who really was seeing Mom for the one problem, but I made my complaint general) –

Mom hasn’t been truly well since her discharge from hospital several months back,

We keep thinking she’d get better, but she continues to lose weight and weaken,

Now she has fever for more than a week and is not responding to antibiotics, and her words are getting fewer and more confused, what could it be?

And the good doctor said –

That wouldn’t do. I recommend an admission so that we can sort it out and find out what’s really happening, and start intravenous antibiotics.

And that’s why I spent longer than a workday in the hospital – from blood tests to the consult to the admit. Wait here, then there, then over there. (And in between the waiting, we viewed the Christmas decorations, and took a photo of Mom in a wheelchair next to a Christmas tree).

And so at last something definitive is being done. Or so I hope.

I’m sure.


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