Photography 101: Landscape

The Flaming Mountains near the Taklamakan desert in China are named after it’s red-hot looks. A set of wooden steps on one side of the range allows us to make the 600-meter climb up to a plateau. Looking back we see this amazing vista.

Can you make out the bus? (Click on the picture to enlarge).


The Dailypost


13 thoughts on “Photography 101: Landscape”

  1. I DO see the bus. Oh my, how small. This feels otherworldly. My first guess, had I not read your post, would be Mars. This stems from it being called the red planet and I believe its arid. Talk about feel small as dirt in such a place. πŸ™‚


  2. Ni hao – that is a stunning picture of the Flaming Mountains. Many years ago I spent my first ever Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) in China in Turpan, – and I too was blown away by the beauty of the area.
    Thank you for following my blog, I am really chuffed. I am going to take my time reading through your own blog posts. BTW I love the name you’ve chosen. As a kid growing up in central Africa our driveway was lined with Frangipani trees, such beautiful waxy blooms and such heavenly always takes me back! Zai jian!


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