And the years fly past

While looking for a photo to use in my previous post (the Photo Challenge), I chanced upon a photograph of Mom taken almost 5 years ago.

The difference is startling.

Then – she was standing in her own kitchen, her hair dyed black, laughing at a joke and looking into the camera. At that time, she was no longer driving, but she took the bus around, and her kitchen was stocked with food items she had bought herself. The house was clean, though there were plenty of things lying about. Little knick-knacks, plenty of half-used pens and stubby pencils, stacks of this and that – just in case these items were required some day. She was a bit of a hoarder.

I remember being a little concerned about a change of personality and conversations were kept to simple topics; complex ideas could not be conveyed. She was vague about whether she had paid some bills on my behalf.

Today she is but a shadow of that person almost 5 years ago.

And I recall the advice I was given when Mom was diagnosed with dementia –

Enjoy your Mother, enjoy her now.

Good advice to follow then. Good advice to practice today.


12 thoughts on “And the years fly past”

  1. That’s what I tell everyone! You’re never too old to lose your mom. It’s been almost 20 years since my mom was diagnosed and 13 years since she died. I miss her every single day.


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