Test of Strength and Endurance

Do you know your own strength?

Can you run up that hill without breaking stride?
Open the jam jar that defeated everyone else in the household?
Stay up all night polishing that presentation?
Face up to that bully at work without losing your temper?

Sometimes you can tell. Often you can’t. You can only give it your best shot.

And in the case of the hill and the bully and many other things, practice helps us improve. So train your legs, and do your mental preparation. You’ll be stronger for it.

Apart from that, pace out your efforts; you’ll last longer. Avoid burnout.

The saga continues. Mom is still plagued by little infections that linger, and flare up now and then. Her appetite is not what it was, and her weight is down. Definitive treatment must wait until she is stronger. I take time off work to bring her to the clinic twice a week. And keep up the exercise.

She is improving, little by little. I keep my fingers crossed. Three appointments next week – one for dementia, and two for the new problems. Easy peasy. Pace myself. Been there, done that.


6 thoughts on “Test of Strength and Endurance”

  1. Hang on in there. You possess the courage and strength to overcome your obstacles. The fact that you can articulate your thoughts, feelings and concerns in this post shows you are a strong person with a good head on her shoulders!


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