Second Class Citizens

Daughters, sisters, wives.

Drivers, daughter-in-laws.

Mothers, healers, listeners.

Companions, comforters, friends.

Unidentified women.


Incidental. Inadvertant.

Careless? Care less?

The Straits Times 17 Sep 2014

6 thoughts on “Second Class Citizens”

    1. There is hardly any public complaint about the missing women’s names. People are more upset about the photoshopped black background, as it indicates dishonesty. What is it in the background (or who) that has been blacked out?


    1. The press lifted the picture from the Minister’s facebook page, and I guessed they must have asked the Minister’s lackeys (lack-eys) to identify the people in the picture. Could be accidental ignorance.


    1. Unfortunately, I think there are two reasons why this is happening:
      1. Your job is your status
      2. Spouses are unimportant.
      It could be a coincidence that all the Minister Mentor’s assistants were men, or it could be intentional.

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