Mom is out of ICU. She was only in there for less than 48 hours. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for a steady improvement until she comes home.

The good thing about having short term memory loss is that she cannot remember the difficult and trying times she went through. 🙂

There are many other blessing too… I’ll leave the counting for another day. Meanwhile, this is a very short post as I’m going back to the hospital for a visit.


14 thoughts on “Reprieve”

  1. While my mom never was in ICU she made far too many emergency visits to the hospital for many other things. Each time had me in a physical and mental panic…I pray that your mother gets well and comes home soon and for calm for both of you.


      1. (I didn’t actually mean to like your comment. I hit it by mistake when I was going for the reply button.) Anyhow, I’m sorry to hear that. May God bless you both. I have no doubt you will be rewarded in Heaven for all the kindness you are showing your mother on earth.


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