Support Group for Singles (who are Caregivers)

I received an email invite to join a support group for caregivers who are SINGLE!

This really put a smile on my face 🙂

No doubt it is put together to address the special problems faced by caregivers who are single. A single (unmarried, widowed, or divorced) caregiver will not have a spouse to share the burden of caregiving with. In addition, there are probably more financial stresses, if the caregiver is both earning a living and caregiving. The caregiver might also have other dependents to look after too – such as children, or another parent who does not have dementia but needs support.

But my imagination runs away with me….

Imagine a group of middle-aged singles in a room, commiserating with one another, being supportive, and helping find solutions. They also have something in common – a loved one with dementia. Just being there shows they are kind, responsible people…  perfect partner material. Isn’t the stage just set up for Cupid and his arrows?!

I am curious enough to consider joining, and check the dates. Alas! The schedule doesn’t suit! Maybe next year, haha!


11 thoughts on “Support Group for Singles (who are Caregivers)”

  1. If your schedule doesn’t permit, perhaps others’ schedules also do not permit. Maybe you could give them a call and find out if there is an alternative schedule. No harm. Seems like too good an opportunity to postpone till next year. In caring for your mother, you also need to set aside time to care for yourself – both mentally, physically and emotionally.


  2. It would be a great opportunity to socialize with people who fully understand what you go through. I hope it somehow works out! Perhaps if enough people ask about an alternate date, they’ll schedule a second one.


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