Blogging Support Group

Why do I blog? Initially, I started blogging as a record of my memories and thoughts in my caregiving journey for my mom. Dementia is still a taboo topic. A family member with dementia is not something people talk about. I felt quite alone, with no one to share it with. And although my thoughts were consumed about the tragedy of the diagnosis and the difficulties ahead, I could not keep burdening my friends about my concerns. Also, no one else cared to talk about their family member’s problems either. Dementia was a family secret, not to be revealed to outsiders. It is not uncommon, just not spoken about.

Hence, I turned to blogging.

And along the way I discovered other caregivers who were dealing with dementia. And what a resource this has turned out to be.

I learned:

  • how to use a sense of humour to deal with the day to day. We really mustn’t sweat the small stuff. A confident manner, and cheery attitude, can get one through all sorts of situations
  • practical tips on how others may help lighten our burden
  • not to feel guilty all the time
  • different people have completely different manifestations of dementia and everyone’s progression is it’s own unique pattern
  • what intermittent lucidity looks like, and that it can happen unexpectedly weeks or months after what one thought were the last intelligible words
  • how a little support from a fellow blogger can go a long way in lifting my mood

In short, blogging has turned out to be a tremendous help, and the blogging community has been like a support group to me. And this in turn makes me feel responsible for what I write and share. When I feel down or stuck in a rut, I tend not to want to communicate it. I take a break, and even stop reading blogs for awhile. My last break lasted more than a year! I wasn’t depressed though. Life goes on, and I just stewed and collected my thoughts until I felt ready to return again. I’m glad to be back and amongst my support group again, and finding new and enriching blogs to scour support from 🙂


23 thoughts on “Blogging Support Group”

  1. A sense of community – especially when dementia makes everyone in its path a pariah – goes a long way towards providing emotional support. We’re here for you, but take heart – you’re also here for us.


  2. Welcome back… I like blogging for similar reasons, but obviously I follow more blogs written by people with dementia, of which there are many more now than when I started blogging two years ago! Keep on blogging… keep on caring for yur mom. X


  3. I have learned the same lessons. I can’t imagine not writing it all down – I fear I would explode! Sadly, my mom was so embarrassed by her dementia that she tried to “ignore” it and delayed treatment far too long. We need to shout this from all possible avenues and help each other! Great list, by the way – spot on!


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