Public Housing in Singapore

More than 80% of Singapore residents live in public housing, provided by the Housing Development Board (HDB). Over 90% of these residents own their flats on 99-year leases. In land scarce Singapore, the population is crammed close together and high-rise living is a must.

The size of each flat varies from 35-150 sqm. Strict rules govern who is allowed to purchase or rent one. Despite the close proximity however, most people do not get to know their neighbours. Maybe this is something that happens in large cities everywhere? There are plans to change this – committees are set up to encourage neighbourliness and voluntarism. In pragmatic Singapore, this is but one way to deal with the aging population who are left alone at home whilst family members go out to earn a living.

Here are some pictures of public housing I took over the years.


view from Southern Ridgemixed public and private housing

view from King George street

a new feature - green roof





10 thoughts on “Public Housing in Singapore”

    1. It does take some getting used to. When I first came to Singapore, the number of people and buildings gave me a severe headache!
      Now there are parks I go to as regularly as I can to get away.


    1. That’s an interesting observation! I have been to other large cities that did not have the same tall huge apartments so closely packed. Good idea for a city comparison post… :p


  1. For our book business, we mail packages to places in Singapore and Hong Kong that are identified by flat number, building name and number and finally by street address. It’s like trying to identify a small cube in a three dimensional grid, and now I see why!


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