Holding Steady, Somewhat

Mom’s neurologist thinks she is doing rather well, considering. I think the picture is rather more mixed. She can recall her daily activities more readily, and converse easily with a visiting child. Sometimes she sounds almost the same as many years before.

Yet there are small changes, noticeable over the last 18 months. A slightly more pronounced shuffle, and a little less steady when bending down. Getting out of the car takes longer, and a lot more effort and deliberation.

There are fewer TV channel changes. More staring out of the window.

Still knows the days of the week, but the hours pass more randomly for her now. Errors in self-medication happen two to three times monthly. Fortunately, because of the pillbox we use and the nature of her medicines, there is little danger from these minor errors.

And she keeps track of the comings and goings at home. Who’s at home, who went out, and who came back too late (or didn’t return).

She keeps her food close, and keeps some aside when she thinks I’m not watching… Accumulates empty bottles and food containers, and old toothbrushes…

Looks forward to the dementia day care. Looks forward to the telephone ringing.

DSC_2033b1 DSC_2033b2



5 thoughts on “Holding Steady, Somewhat”

  1. I’m so glad you dropped into my blog & I encountered yours. Really interesting. Not that it would help in your situation (& we’ve no chapters in Singapore, though I WISH!) but you might find the Dementia Provision worth checking out; it’s on compassionandchoices.org website. My husband & I both have these incorporated into our advance directives. I wish you peace & every good thing.


  2. I appreciate your sharing these changes. It might be helpful for me to write about this. My family is having a hard time coping, and sometimes I do too. Writing seems to help more…Your bravery to write out loud is notable too. At first I was worried what my family would think. Thanks for your courage.


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