Pomelo Buds!

Me : I have pomelo flowers!

Friend : For breakfast?

Me : ON the tree

Friend : Picture?

Me : Flower buds


Friend : Nice

Let’s hope I have better luck this year! For last year’s saga of the pomelo flowers and fruit, go to

Pomelo Plant in a Pot – for the flowers and early fruit
Pomelo Update – for the growing fruit


6 thoughts on “Pomelo Buds!”

  1. Best of luck! I hope there are no insects this time around. I want to know how it tastes! I’ve never heard of a pomelo before! (And neither has my spell check, apparently!)


    1. Thank you! A pomelo looks like a huge grapefruit, only it has larger hips. The best part about eating it (to me) is the sensation of bursting juicy pips. Tastewise it varies from sweet to tangy to slightly bitter.


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