Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

From a distance the buildings merge together. Many of the buildings seen here are apartment buildings. These are necessarily high-rise due to the scarcity of land in this island nation-state. In Singapore, the high population density means there are 7257 persons per square kilometer, even more dense than Hong Kong. In comparison, the United Kingdom has 256 persons/ km2, and USA 34 persons/ km2.

While walking the Southern Ridge trek last week, I took this picture from Mount Faber Hill, which at 106m is the third highest hill in Singapore. The buildings may seem to merge, but make no mistake, the population is multicultural and varied.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge”

  1. We mail books to Singapore from our book business, and I’m always intrigued by addresses that include Block #s and Cell#s. I imagine a colony of bees in honeycombs…these highrises must be what those numbers refer to.


    1. Blocks and Cells! Lol! I remember I felt this way early on, but got used to it.
      I would say 90% of the population live in addresses with blocks and cell numbers. Did you know the first digits in cell number refers to the storey? So #12-345 means the apartment is on the 12th storey.
      I had a culture shock when I first arrived in Singapore – one could SEE and HEAR other people all the time.


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