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I haven’t been posting of late.. and feeling a little guilty over it. When I first started writing this blog, there was so much I needed to get out of my system. Thankfully now I have unloaded much of my pent-up feelings and thoughts, and the urge to write has abated somewhat. I’m thankful for that, because I had been spending quite a lot of time writing and reading here. But I miss blogging and want to get back into the rhythm of writing regularly again. Keeping my fingers crossed that I do!

Mom is well since coming back from the visit to sibling. She is happy and cheerful and volunteers a lot more conversation. And we have even more good news – after months of waiting, there is an opening at the dementia daycare center we wanted, and she had been there for a couple of sessions already. This center is different from the others we had seen, because it is focused on stimulating activities targeted at individuals with early dementia. Activities include reminiscence, reading, watching TV and games such as mahjong. Reading newspapers is followed by discussions that all can participate in, and I think mom really needs the affirmation she gets at these sessions.

There were a couple of other centers we checked out earlier which were not suitable at all. The people there looked as though they had advanced dementia, and the environment was noisy with little conversation. Mom was right to reject those places. I do hope she stays with the new center and continues to improve.

As much as mom has improved in conversation, and participating more actively in what is going on, I also sense that she is digging her heels in to deny what is happening to her. She is eager to read, and demonstrate she can still read. Watching the London Olympics, she exclaims, “Japan and Korea. The score is fifteen fifteen. Aiyoh so close. What a match.” A minute later, she says, “Eh? The score is eighteen sixteen now. How do they count the points?”

Ah yes, the Olympics have been a fixture for me! I have never enjoyed watching sports so much – visually it has been such a pleasure with the excellent camera work and beauty of so many of the venues, especially canoeing. I enjoyed watching swimming, diving, gymnastics, synchronised swimming, athletics, volleyball. Everytime I came home I would find mom watching dull boring news, and so I would promptly change the channel to the sports channel for the rest of the night.

Here’s a picture of a sportswoman from Malaysia who won an unexpected bronze medal. Malaysia is proud that she is “home-grown” although her coach is hired from China.

Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/GettyImages
Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/GettyImages

20 thoughts on “What’s happening now”

  1. Good to hear from you. I can relate to the lag in recent blogging. It has happened to me too on my blogs. My siblings and I have had to start thinking about finding a permanent care center for our mother. She has been in an assisted living apartment for the last 3 years, where we could have her own furniture and total privacy. Now we have to decide if it is time for us to give up those important features in favor of having a safer place for Mom 24 hours/day. Weighing pros and cons, wondering whether we are delaying too long or worrying about the current situation unnecessarily, listening to each others’ concerns with open minds, and considering professionals’ and non-professionals’ opinions is generating so many emails, texts, and calls that we are in serious danger of overload (i.e.-throwing up our hands and dropping the whole issue). We can’t afford to do that!


    1. Thanks much. Your support and following means a lot to me.
      Yes, am so glad the center had an opening. While it is difficult to get a place there, it also means they are serious about selecting the best candidates for the center. I only wish there were more options; I am sure I am not alone is seeking a good center for mom.


  2. Welcome back! I’m glad that your mother is able to go to the dementia day center, providing a wonderful respite for you, plus a beneficial time for her. So many caregivers with whom I associate indicate that these day centers are SO valuable. At first they are hesitant to sign up their loved one and once they do, it’s very rewarding for everyone.


  3. Am pleased to see you writing again and especially giving us another follow up on your mother’s adjustment back home. I look forward to hear how she does in this new center. Watching the Olympics has been such a joy. Seeing what these young people are capable of is inspiring.


  4. I’m glad to see your post and to see your mom has found the perfect place for now. I’m sure mom would have loved a place like that too. Dad doesn’t like to get out of his Lazy boy, so he wouldn’t fit there. We will enjoy your posts when you get a chance to write. I also have days and more when I just don’t get time to write. It is helpful when we can, but we have to leave room for the rest of our lives.


    1. Yes, I sure do feel lucky to find and get a place. The effort to call every center and talk to the managers is worth it. Mom always did enjoy being the center of attraction! I do hope your Dad enjoys having his computer around.


      1. Thank you. Yes, dad is glad to have his computer on his desk. We are still looking for a printer now. I hope he actually turns in on and uses it. So far I don’t think he has. But he seems happy with it, anyway.


  5. I completely understand πŸ˜€ After many blogs, it’s definitely been aired out and clear for living the life you’ve always wanted, so that’s awesome to hear! That you are getting out and enjoying life! πŸ˜€ We’re always here for you if you need us, insha’Allah. πŸ˜€



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