Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Elephants can be trained to do many things, and I will write more in my next post. Here’s a teaser – an elephant painting. Actually, we were told elephants are trained to paint and they paint from memory. Nonetheless, the end result is something the elephant created with a little help.

What struck me was the absolute precision with which this elephant painted his work of art. Another elephant at the other end of the field was dabbing colors seemingly randomly on his easel. Do the different techniques reflect the elephant’s personality, or the mahout’s?

Here’s the satisfied elephant taking a victory lap after finishing his masterpiece.


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create”

  1. It looks like the person next to the elephant is nudging him/her. How much does the trainer get involved? Nonetheless, the painting is wonderful. So innocent and simple.


    1. Yes, the trainer does seem to be nudging the elephant. But then, the trunk is really very strong, and can lift a person up, so I am not sure what effect nudging has. But it is a very sweet picture, agree!


  2. I’m awarding you the Sunshine Award and you can pick it up at my blog if you so desire. I think you’re blog is wonderful and informative and what you do is also amazing. Thank you for being someone who cares about the elderly, too few do.


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