Restaurant Review: The Coastal Settlement

A nostalgic restaurant in the north-eastern corner of Singapore

The menu cover fits the place!
I came across a rustic restaurant with great decor and yummy food the other day, and I simply have to share it here. Singapore is supposedly a food paradise, but somehow I find there is a dearth of nice places where one can sit and enjoy the meal in pleasant surroundings without huge crowds. Well, I was there for a weekday lunch, so maybe that explains why it was peaceful and quiet; I gather it is fully booked during weekends.




On the lawns outside the restaurant was a swing set and other artefacts from fairgrounds long ago.

Inside, the huge restaurant was sub-divided into sections each furnished with different styles of nostalgic furniture. I might add all the styles are local to Singapore and might be found in old homes. A number of colourful vehicles are displayed both inside and outside the restaurant.

One section of the restaurant

A large display cabinet holds old items for sale too.

did you have one of these?

Okay, what’s a restaurant review without food? There is an eclectic menu, but we went with Western. The choices we had were all very good! An excellent meal.

Wagyu beef cube salad
Soup served in old style enamel pot and cockerel bowls
Close-up of soup
Half and half – prosciutto and beef (again)
Fluffy waffles with maple syrup and ice-cream, bananas and strawberries

A great place. Must bring my mom here, seeing the old stuff might trigger her memories of things semi-forgotten. And the food is good, too!


10 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: The Coastal Settlement”

  1. I’ll look it up if I ever come to Singapore. It look like my eclectic kind of place with good food besides.


  2. Looks like a fun afternoon. The food looks delicious and such interesting decor. The old telephone makes me think of the ones we used to have…lol. Glad you enjoyed yourself!


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