Pomelo Plant in a Pot

A pomelo tree sat in a pot in the Nursery,

Will it fruit, I asked the lady,

Give it a shot, she said and took my money.

Well I waited patiently,

And mom watered you irregularly.

From precious blooms, just one fruit survived it was tiny. 

Now like a little lime, will you continue to grow

As large as an orange, then grapefruit (your relations, you know)?

How sweet will you be, my first homegrown pomelo?

Click here for an update: Pomelo Update

Click here for a successful fruiting update: Delicious!


19 thoughts on “Pomelo Plant in a Pot”

  1. oooh…that’s exciting. I love to garden, outside and inside, but am not able to grow tropical fruiting plants successfully. I tried bananas too which are supposed to be easy without luck. It will be great to see if this continues to get big like the ones for sale. Wish you the best!


    1. Thanks, I hope this succeeds too! Hope to be able to post updates of a bigger fruit 🙂
      I am in the tropics but don’t have that much success with plants haha…


  2. What a poetic little story.
    And artistic photos too.
    You must explore this type of writing more.


  3. I agree with Teresa, a very poetic way of describing “pomelo in a pot.” We have a pomelo in the ground and get six fruit, if lucky. Our problem is knowing when to pick them. Wait too long and they are not good. We have a small yard, but have squeezed in bananas, mango, key lime,and pineapple. Love to watch it grow, pick it and get to enjoy the fruit…of my husband’s labor.
    Good luck!
    And thank you for visiting my web site.


    1. Thank, Lynne! I enjoy growing edibles, more than I enjoy tasting them. That’s how it is at the moment; it’s fun because every little bit more is an improvement.
      I think the pomelos we buy are harvested before they are fully ripe. We leave them around, until we figure it’s time to eat, and it can take a couple of weeks. Thanks for dropping by. Love your travelling pics!


      1. I have the same problem– a tiny yard and a black walnut tree in a neighbor’s yard makes it hard to grow anything except in pots– although black raspberries do okay…


      2. Yes, pots can be moved about. I know about the shade problem. I have big trees nearby which are providing lots of greenery and shade which is also good, but not so good for the sun-loving plants.


  4. Love your poem and photos. I am very excited with my two years old pomelo trees. It’s about 1.5m tall and has produced over a dozens small fruits. Do you think I should remove some fruits so that I can get bigger ones ?


    1. Congratulations on your tree fruiting! Dozens is good! But like all fruiting plants, it is recommended to remove some – choose the smaller ones to snip off, so the remaining grow bigger.
      One more piece of advice – do wrap the fruit when it is orange-sized so that insects don’t lay egge on them. Good luck!


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