We teach young children to count. We have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears. We count on little fingers, and we count off little toes. We count sweets and cookies and green peas. We count the seconds off when we play hide-and-seek. We teach counting rhymes – one two buckle my shoe.

Well, mom likes to count too. She used to count the products in the kitchen – how many stuffed yong tau foo she made, how many chinese sausages she tied off, and how many chinese dumplings she wrapped.

Counting gave her satisfaction and pleasure. And she still enjoys counting…

When we came back from Japan, she was asked if she enjoyed the trip and what she saw. She said – we passed through 9 villages in the train.

And that is probably true, though nobody else had counted them off! She might have counted the train stops as we went pass, or she might have just counted the names of the stations as the train announcer made them.

The announcements were very regular and clear – this train is going to Sapporo. It will be stopping at Otaruchikko, Asari, Zenibako, Hoshimi, Hoshiako, Inaho, Teine, Innazumikoen, Hassamu, Hassamuchuo, Kotoni, Soen.

A couple of weeks ago, I came home with a few new potted plants. She enjoyed counting the new pots.

She cannot remember how much things cost. She can no longer remember her own age, nor her children’s ages. But counting is still easy and fun to do.


6 thoughts on “Counting”

  1. Yes, my father also likes to count and will even do it while he is dreaming. It’s fascinating what the brain loses and retains.


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