It has been a tough couple of weeks, with changes on many fronts.

Some changes in the workplace are unexpected and unwanted. And the worse is not over yet.

Other changes in the family are necessary and for the longer term good. In the last month, through my efforts, mom met many relatives whom she had lost contact with for several years. If not for these meetings, who knows, she might have lost all memory of them sooner rather than later. As it was, she already cannot recall some of them at all. If she felt uncomfortable over those encounters, she has already forgotten her discomfort by now.

Often change brings uncertainty, doubt and fear about the future. At times like these, I turn to calming images and thoughts. Here are some of my favourite pictures from the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

“A garden is a delight to the eye and solace to the soul.”

– Sadi

"Who are you looking at?"


8 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. ‘As it was, she already cannot recall some of them at all. If she felt uncomfortable over those encounters, she has already forgotten her discomfort by now.’

    This was the hardest thing for me to get a grip on. I would visit often once my mom could no longer live on her own. She would NOT remember me being there the day before and would be so angry that “You NEVER visit and WHEN am I leaving!”

    It is yet another part of the path…

    thank you for writing the hard pieces of this disease.

    Peace, Jen


  2. The forgetting can be good as now dad doesn’t remember being in the emergency, the hospital room or the nursing home. Each day is a new day. But he also forgets his visitors and that is not so good. I need to learn to take each day one at a time as well!


  3. I cared for a cousin with Alzheimers for 4 years–first in our home, then in a memory care facility within walking distance. Those were difficult years, but had many shining moments that I will always remember. Just when I thought I couldn’t bear any more, something would happen to renew me. I hope you’ll keep your readers updated because writing about this experience will be therapeutic.


    1. I am still in my first year as a caregiver, and started blogging just over a month ago. Yet in this one month, things have changed so much – I can tell by looking back at what I wrote. Writing is therapeutic, and a good reminder to always look for the silver lining. Reading upbeat blogs such as yours bring me back to the center. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I am so sorry. I know this is hard; beyond hard.

    My mom would go through periods where she would seem to be going going gone and then she would stabilize in her new place in her mind. I learned, with help from a caretakers therapist to just join her journey. Once I learned to Be Where She was it was so much easier on my heart.

    I hope you find some peace in all of this and PLEASE take care of yourself. That is a hard lesson to learn but an important one

    peace to you, Jen


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